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mp3 Lame updated to 3.98.3 FLAC: if 'AlbumArtist' and 'Album Artist' contain the same item duplicated, it only appears once id3v2 tags split Soloist tag on '/' not \r Resample can now convert 192Khz to 44.1KHz and 44.1 to 192Khz CD Ripper - eject and media detection works with BluRay drives under Windows 7 mp3 Lame updated to 3.98.4 (3.98.3 had issues creating corrupted mp3 files at certain bitrates) Add all files you want, select the output format and click Start – the program takes care of the rest. ground click reference flac to mp3 converter free Download flac to mp3 free Free Android Backup & Restore with PC Q6: Do I need to Convert FLAC To MP3?